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Anchana Phongsittisak translator and interpreter for Thai- Dutch, Dutch - Thai

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Apong service

Translations and interpreter service

Apong provides translation and interpretation services for Thai and European languages as Dutch German English and e-business services to clients in Netherlands and overseas. Apong is pleased to provide services for Worldwide clients whether you are an ordinary person, a partnership limited, a company, or even a local and international organization. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients.

Apong translation office based in Vijfhuizen Netherlands, but our interpreting service can help no matter where you are. The translations can vary from personal or official, documents in various subject matters such as finance and accounting, subtitles, transcription. Our translator and interpreter that we assign will be a native speaker in the target language and experienced in the subject matter of your project.

Web Development & Web Management

Apong creation services, if you are looking for clean, clear, & crisp photos of your products, modern design of your logo or an eyes-catching flyer, with fast service and affordable rates. You are on the right place.

Not only design work is our passion but also creating and providing website is our favorite. Our service procedures are designed to do the following: Organization, creation, ingestion, staging or approval, Implementation to final publishing. Apong providing professional SEO services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization. So we can efficiently meet all our web design clients s' needs.

In addition to our wide range of web services, we also offer high quality, affordable web hosting, not only to our web design clients s, but also to everyone. We have a range of packages to suit your web project's needs.

Apong is only one stop shop for translation and web service for reasonable price.

Apong provides:

  1. Translations and interpreter service
    • Thai into Dutch translation and vice versa 
    • Thai into German translation and vice versa
    • Thai into English translation and vice versa
    • Thai interpretation
  2. Web Development & Web Management
    • Web Development & Product photography
    • Online marketing  
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Apong Translations service

Apong have been provides translation service in various subject matter as business documents, prenuptial agreement, employment agreement, commercial flyers, menu, and many different types of document translation, subtitles for national television, all in Thai, dutch, German, English.

As we has a long-term experience and high quality in languages translation services for reasonable prices, that's why both domestic and multi-national clients from private and company sectors have trusted us.

With a team of native translators we offer translation services which is using a good library of dictionaries and reference materials, render that material into the target language. Our translation service accepts original document in form of paper or computer file such as HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, MS and PDF.

Apong interpreting services

We are provide interpreting services for personal and official clients in all subject matter as business meeting, seminars, personal meeting, training or creative narration. We are in international standard level and skillful, good personality and full confident and we are ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages. Because of our superior experience in the field of use language and understand the subject matter of the text and speech we are translating and full attention to every single detail, that's why we have been trusted by clients to provided our interpretations as:

Quality service

We focus solely on providing high quality translation services, delivered on time and at a very competitive price. High standard asset of our translation is correct in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage, write clear, comprehensible prose, excellent language and translation skills, native-level command of the language into which we are translating for our clients.

On Tour

Are you planning a holiday? In addition we provide private touring to explore Netherlands and other european countries or even in Thailand. Read more…

Apong & web service

We offers an entire suite of services for your design needs as logo design or an eyes-catching flyer, clean, clear & crisp product photo or web sites need to be developed in several languages. You are on the right place. We can creating custom design from the ground up in PSD to custom-built web sites, CMS system Implement if you needed, and publishing by our best Hosting service in Netherlands. Apong providing Professional SEO Services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization. Best of SEO, instead of being the last finishing touch. We research keywords and then optimize your site pages to ensure that your web pages are listed highly on the search engines.

Go with us and get it done right the first time, saving you time and money. Get what you need without paying for what you don't. For more information, or have a question about a service. Contact us via phone or fill in contact form and contact us for all 24 hours a day. Our Team will get back to you.

Our Rates

Interpreters work method & rates

As interpreters, we aim to provide the best communication between interlocutors and between speaker and audience.
  • Consecutive interpretation during wedding ceremony € 35.00 / hour.
  • Consecutive interpretation for informal occasions € 35.00 / hour.
  • Consecutive interpretation for semi-formal occasions € 42.00 / hour.
  • Simultaneous interpretation for formal occasions € 55.00 / hour.

Translation work method & rates

As translators, we aim to provide the best possible rendition of a text.
  • Business and contracts document € 55.00 / A4.
  • Letter of employment € 45.00 / A4.
  • A short note maximum 20 words € 0.39 / per source word.
  • News letter and all kinds of letter € 35.00 / A4.
  • Webpage, website, advertisement, brochure € 35.00 / page.
  • Just a few words Thai are Free !!!


  • For services in the provinces, travel expenses will be charged at the rate of €0.50 per kilometer.
  • The rates are calculated from the number of Thai text of 1,000 characters/A4, English, Dutch, German word of 800 words/A4
  • The fees above are excluded from VAT 19%.
  • The rates are subject to change due to the agreement between the customers and the company.

Contact gegevens

Anchana Phongsittisak

Bezoek adres:

Vijfhuizerdijk 60 B
2141 BC

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Postbus 63
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Mob: 06 42439885
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